External and Internal decoration

At our company, we hold a premier specialization in repairing and repainting the existing exterior woodwork and masonry. With years of expertise, we recognize the innate value and unique aesthetic of old properties. Our primary aim is to maintain their original charm by prioritizing repair and repaint work on these traditional features.

For old properties, we typically emphasize local repair work, ensuring that their distinct character remains intact while strengthening their durability against the elements. We understand that complete overhauls aren't always the best solution. Instead, a meticulous and careful restoration of specific areas often proves most beneficial in preserving the property's historical essence.
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Moving beyond the exteriors, our decoration services extend to the interiors of properties as well. While the interior design is crucial for the comfort and style of the property's inhabitants, the importance of external appearance and protection cannot be underestimated, especially when it comes to older properties.

In cases where a property has been extended or features new constructions, we also offer rendering services. While this is more common for newly built extensions, it ensures a seamless integration of the new structure with the existing one, providing both beauty and protection.

Our services

We offer all services necessary for comprehensive property remodeling, including interior and exterior finishes, kitchen installs, bathroom renovations and conversions, and much more
Kitchen Installations
Full Property Renovation
Bathroom Renovations
Extensions and Loft Conversions
Electrical Installation
Architectural and Interior Design
Built-in Furniture
Office refurbishments

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